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Unlocking The Who, What, Where, When and How of essential workers and business travel during lockdown.

Confused about the details around essential worker traveling? We can help!

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, and since the nationwide lockdown in South Africa, we’ve been bombarded with information. Some relevant and some leaving us with more questions than answers. To shed some light on the subject, we’ve done the research and here’s the basic information you need to know to start traveling as an essential worker or business traveler.


Defining the ‘essential worker’ – A person that provides life-sustaining and essential services, vital to the continuity of functions critical to the health and welfare of our country and it’s people.


If you’re amongst the companies that performs an essential service, as listed by the government (https://www.gov.za/Coronavirus/essential-services) you can then register your business to obtain a certificate from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) – do this here https://www.bizportal.gov.za/essential_service.aspx


Once the business have been issued with an Essential Service Certificate, the head of your company will complete the essential employee form. This form must be on a company letterhead, with the designated employee’s information and an official company stamp, signed by the head of your company. If you are one of the selective few to obtain such a letter, you must carry this, along with a copy of the CIPC confirmation letter and your ID whenever you travel. You may now travel between provinces to do your work.

When you you travel on the R71, between Tzaneen and Phalaborwa, you'll view the Murchison Mountain range


Traveling by vehicle between provinces are allowed for essential workers. Commencing lockdown level 3 protocol on 1 June 2020, domestic flights will also be permitted. International flights and travel will be not be allowed. When essential workers have to travel far from their home, there will be some certified essential accommodation options available for the weary traveler. Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa have a verified letter of approval, issued by the Minister of Tourism, Ms Kubayi-Ngubane, granting us permission in terms of the Tourism Directions, to operate during the lockdown period. Therefor we open our doors and our hospitality to the business travel and essential worker sectors.

Kilima Hospitality

At Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa we not only uphold strict hygiene practices as required by our Government Healthcare regulations, but we’re also running a SPECIAL for B&B; dinner and B&B or full board.

We would be proud to serve our country by accommodating the essential worker for a short visit or an even longer stay with all the benefits that a luxury 5 star lodge has to offer. Our beautiful, safe and luxurious game reserve boast with the unique Kukura Wellness Spa and delectable cuisine at the restaurant.

We are all in this together and by supporting each other, we will face the storm (may it be with a mask and sanitiser) and emerge stronger on the other side.

We uphold to social distancing regulations even at our Boma!

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Off the beaten track.

Something new to see and experience.

A new adventure.

Different cultures and hidden secrets.

There to see but not explored - Route 71 – Limpopo, South Africa.

Magoebaskloof - Photo by Emmarose Eacher

From Polokwane to Phalaborwa – a different route from Gauteng through the countryside of the north-eastern corner of South Africa. On route to the iconic Kruger National Park. The R71 veers off the N1 at Polokwane to the town of Palaborwa that borders the Kruger National Park.

For the tourist the scenery changes drastically from the mostly Highveld climate of Polokwane through the sub-tropical “fruit basket” to the dry Bushveld surrounding Phalaborwa.


Visit the craft-rich festival town of Haenertsburg. It has its own brewery! It is often shrouded in mist and soft rain, lying on the slopes of the Wolkberg and Drakensberg Mountains, between Tzaneen and Polokwane. The arty, neat town is abuzz with activity during its festivals: berries in February, food and wine in May and the spring festival.

Take the Magoebaskloof pass that tempt travelers to stop at one of several outlets for a culinary treat or fruit or nuts from an informal road stall. This pass spirals down a dense sub-tropical forest, cool, moist and breath taking beautiful scenery. The Magoebaskloof Mountains mark the end of the Drakensberg in the north.

A few kilometers before turning onto the highway for the final stretch to the town of Tzaneen, is a turnoff to the wonderful Debegeni Waterfall, protected by a nature reserve with impressive plantations of exceptional trees. It is open to day-visitors who want to picnic, swim in icy rock pools or do some rock sliding at safe places.

Debegeni Waterfalls - Photo by Hougaard Malan

The valley of Tzaneen nestles in what is known as the "fruit basket" of South Africa. Bananas, various types of citrus, litchis, mangoes amongst others, make their bountiful appearance. The area also boasts the biggest concentration of game ranches in southern Africa. The Modjadji Cycad Reserve has the largest concentration of a single cycad species in the world. Tzaneen is ever-green, even when drought threatens. From here the route continues to Phalaborwa (104km’s), via the one-horse town of Gravelotte.

Just before reaching Gravelotte and after a long day the tourist will find Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa. Be surprised and relax for a day or two to be spoiled in 5 star luxury and enchanting cuisine while enjoying the splendor of the private game reserve. Visit Kukura Wellness Spa to reduce tension and induce relaxation. Spoil yourself. You’re worth it!

Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa

After a refreshing stay at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa travel on to reach Phalaborwa and the gateway to the Kruger National Park on Route 71. This area has the highest winter temperatures in South Africa. Phalaborwa is also home to the famous Amarula cream liqueur.

Come on and enjoy Route 71!

By JJ Dekker

Welcome back to our Blog series focused on Year End functions, helping you to end your year with a massive success. The following tips will help you get there with swag and everyone tapping you on the back afterwards saying “wow… it was awesome!”

1. Anticipation and participation

Have you ever had a Year End Function for this company? How was it? Was everyone excited about it? Did they attend because it was mandatory or did they attend because they couldn’t stand missing out on the event?

Creating a buzz of excitement around your Year End is crucial for it to be successful. You need everyone to talk about it, get excited, get on board and ultimately, show up! If you can accomplish this, the battle is halfway won.

How do you do this? Firstly, you’ll have to come up with a kick-ass invitation. Don’t go the normal route of a boring email. Have someone dress up and hand out themed personalized invitations or make a small video of the CEO personally inviting everyone and just giving away enough information to make it clear but also mysterious. The whole idea is to get everyone interested. We’re creating a snowball, momentum (office chit-chat) will take care of the rest!

Have you ever seen a balloon invitation? We love it! For more ideas visit: https://www.brit.co/creative-invitations/

2. Basic elements

a. Location – The venue is probably the most important aspect to consider. Shop around for prices and availability, book early if you have a specific place in mind. There’s amazing specials around, like the one Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa is running. The location, size of the venue and ambiance are all points to ponder.

b. Food – It doesn’t have to be 6-course meal, but consider the time of day, weather and number of guests attending. Will it be a sit-down, or a canape – affair? Have options available for vegetarians and vegans, and if anyone has any allergies, convey this information well in advance to the caterers (make sure you have this on record).

c. Drinks – Variety is the spice of life, and with beverages this is also true! Make sure you have alcoholic and non-alcoholic welcoming drinks, and if you’re having a late night, a coffee station is always sought after.

d. Theme – oh yes, DO have a theme! Depending on the company culture, you can even request everyone dress according to the theme. This is lots of fun and you’ll be surprised by the energy it creates before and during the Year End Function! If you don’t want to dress up, fine, but at least have a theme throughout the decorations.

e. Entertainment – Our tip would be to intertwine entertainment with your theme. If you have a beach-party theme, hire a marimba band. If you’re doing a 007-theme, have a modern jazz band! Always have a DJ with all the favorites. Not only to keep the party going after dessert have been served, but also to assure that there’s no hiccups when it comes to speech-time.

Intimate Year End Function setting at one of Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa's Decks.

3. Take Basic to the BEST

The level of excitement over the event, will greatly depends on WHAT you do with the above mentioned basics. You need to think outside the box and go beyond what you usually do or what everyone will be expecting. I’ll demonstrate by using an example of a Miami-themed Year End Function. Would you rather walk towards the entrance on pavement, or with your sandals in your hand because there’s a beach of sand you have to cross to get inside?

The same principle goes for food and drink. Would you rather stand in a row to get served a beer at a bar, or would you rather stand in a circle around an energetic mixologist teaching you how to make the perfect fishbowl cocktail? Put some thought into how can you up the game at every turn? Have beautifully plated food that will make people take out their phones to take pictures of! Make sure the entertainment engages with your audience to make it more fun and memorable. It won’t hurt if you hire a photographer for the evening to capture all these moments.

Add an exciting surprise element like a fire dancer.

Emplyees receiving a neck and shoulder massage from Kukura Wellness Spa Therapists at a Year End Function held at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa

4. Take care of formalities

The deeper meaning and reasoning for a Year End Function is to recognize the hard work and successes of employees, but also to define company values and leadership vision (read last weeks blog for more information). For this to happen, you have to identify the awards and rewards you want to bestow (we’ll discuss this subject in 2 week’s time) and get the CEO to have his speech ready. Make sure you have someone who will thank the CEO after he/ she has given their speech and don’t forget the ‘token of our appreciation’ – this will go a long way!

This is where you have to make sure you have a professional at hand to do the proper sound checks to assure the equipment works 100%! You don’t want to humiliate the boss!

Mr Schütte, CEO of numerous successful companies, conveying his gratitude and vision for the upcoming year.

5. Safety

Depending on the location of the venue an the time and duration of the function, you’ll have to consider transport to get everyone home safely. If it is a starry night event, the ideal is to have everyone sleep over so that no unfortunate accidents occur.

Send the location pin to everyone’s phones so that no one gets lost along the way. Have a designated person(or persons) everyone can call if they’re uncertain of the route, especially if the venue is a hidden gem!

Guests at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa are being transported to and from the Star Gazing Deck.

All this said and done, it is important to remember the 5 P’s of Stephen Keague: “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. The more effort that goes into the planning, the better the outcome will be. Good luck on planning your Year End Function!

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