In total, there are 7 Dimensions of Wellness:


  1. Physical

  2. Emotional

  3. Intellectual

  4. Social

  5. Spiritual

  6. Environmental

  7. Occupational

    How would you rate yourself in these areas of your life?


Add the score of all 7 quizzes to finally determine your current state of Wellness:

Can we help you improve your ultimate state of wellness?

For the first time ever, Kukura Wellness Spa will be hosting the Soul Revival Retreat, specifically designed to focus on the wellness of the mind, body and soul of delegates. We've called on 6 Guru's to facilitate different aspects of your life. Their expertise (passion and intuition), combined with a healthy diet (prepared by an executive chef) and the great healing energy of mother nature (in the lush bushveld) will have an indefinite effect on your life. 

Kilima love


Valentine's Romance Package

For only R1500/couple you get the following:

  • Relaxing welcome foot soak;

  • 60min aromatic couples full body massage;

  • 45min Milk and Honey bath in complete privacy with a scenic view over the lush bushveld and wildlife

  • Lunch

ONLY VALID 1 - 28 Feb 2021

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Kukura Wellness Spa
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African Wood Massage

Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of an African dance, the TheraNaka™ signature massage blends light stretching techniques and specially designed body and facial wooden implements to relax and restore your weary body.  Being drizzled with a warm Olive and Shea butter ointment will nourish and heal dry skin whilst experiencing blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

45 min of treatment

WAS           R 600

NOW         R 500

MEN's Facial



3 key fundamentals:


Hydrate; and



Help restore freshness and clarity whilst leaving the skin comfortably soothed.

60 min of treatment

WAS           R 600

NOW         R 500


The word Kukura is a Shona word that means GROWTH /ɡrəʊθ/At


We chose the word 'growth' for more than the simple definition of the word, we believe in personal development, we cherish the enhancements one makes to her or his self, we believe in our effectiveness of living, and to live - one needs to grow in mind, body and spirit. In taking hands with Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, we now offer you a holistic approach in growth.


We also believe in reducing toxic footprint and leaving a lasting legacy to all those who will walk this beautiful earth long after we're gone.

The purpose of Kukura Wellness Spa services is to trigger the return of homeostasis in the body (state of equilibrium and balance) – this is achieved by reducing tension and inducing relaxation – relaxation is the first step in balance and equilibrium, because when the body is relaxed healing is possible.​

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​A friendly reminder that a daily Conservation Fee of R150 will  be charged per person. Only by contributing can funds be raised to help conserve the natural heritage of the reservation's fauna and flora.

We support the fight against COVID 19

For more information visit: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/

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South Africa

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