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8 Characters of the workplace

For the next 8 weeks, we'll discuss the 8 Characters of the workplace. You'll recognize your colleagues among them and we urge you to forward this to them as a fun acknowledgement that without them... the office would just not be the same!

None other than The Gossiper could kick off the build-up towards the Year End Function, because, let's be honest, this character will get the word out!

Mary (not her real name) struts the office in designer clothes (well so she says - it’s actually some pieces from the local Asian importer). She is loud and in charge. Nails always perfectly manicured and answers the phone in the perfect “hotel voice”.

Nothing passes Mary’s little Bush-baby ears. Your personal life is Mary’s daily fix. She knows every detail about every colleague and she is not afraid to spread the news... good or bad in a friendly, no no-nonsense kind of way...

The year end function is the highlight of the year for Mary... she bedazzles her outfit for weeks prior. She cannot stop talking about what everyone is going to wear! On the night no one is above Mary's scrutiny and every detail will be discussed in weeks to come.

Who is THE GOSSIPER in your company?

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