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All you need to know about The Traditionalist

For our first week, we’re kicking off with The Traditionalist. This boss has been with the company for years and years. They range from tie-wearing-hot-heads to Khaki-wearing-hard-core’s. One thing is certain, they dress a certain way and don’t vary from the default.

Traditionalists are very set in their ways and don't take kindly to change. They like to do things the way they've always done them and that is the way you should do them as well. They have quirky sayings like “all righty then” and the printer is their best friend. They have to print and file everything.

If you work for a Traditionalist, be receptive to the old methods. You never know, their methods might actually work pretty well. Occasionally you may be able to introduce them to some new ideas. The best way to present them with new ideas is at a casual moment, when they are not focused on the job. For instance while you’re at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa on a game drive on your way to the year end function.

Game Drive with Miggie
Game Drive with Miggie on Kilima Private Game Reserve

If you are The Traditionalist Boss – Big applause for being here and reading this! We acknowledge that you didn’t get where you are by following the whims of technical exploration and change, but we would also like to challenge you to do one single thing this week that’s stretching your comfort zone.

The Traditionalist’s Slogan: “This is how we’ve always done it”

Characteristics: Old Fashioned; Hard-headed; Loyal to the company; Prompt; Organised.

How to succeed under The Traditionalist: Make him/her believe your idea originates from something he/she always do or say.

Socializing with the Traditionalist at the Year End Function: Start a conversation about your uncle’s experience at Bloemfontein Army Base in the early 70’s.

Fairy lights; Star Gazing Deck; Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa
Year End Function at the Star Gazing Deck

At Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, we welcome The Traditionalist and we want to celebrate your success with you and your team. We have an amazing Year End Special for 2019 with 3 available options, but we’re open to tailor your function to your specific needs.

Contact us for more information or to receive a detailed quote.

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