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Character # 2 - "Yes, I know it all"

Welcome to week 2 of the 8 Characters of the workplace.

This week we pay homage to The Star. This is the colleague who will always have the correct answers, he/she will always be neatly dressed, ready for any challenge they might face for the day. Do you want to know how much profit the company made the previous season? The Star will know. Want to know why no one can get hold of the boss? Just ask The Star who would obviously know that he's on a business trip to secure new business.

Louise is always on time. She knows more about the company than anyone else and she loves to use the information to impress her boss, or anyone else for that matter. She's so enthusiastic about work that she makes everyone else look mediocre.

Louise is the culprit responsible for rallying the whole office up to participate in the Year End Function. The time she takes to get herself a cup of coffee will not be wasted in silence as she'll corner the first colleague she finds with a brilliant smile and some constructive small talk about exciting developments in the company, ending the chat with "You're coming to the Year End Event, nê?

Behold The Star in her natural habitat as she floats between colleagues, shining like a diamond. Louise will be dressed to impress (there is no other way). With sparkly teeth and a warm laugh she'll make sure she'll talk to everyone at the event, not wasting too much time here or there. Conversations will invariably turn towards business and the successes the company achieved throughout the year. The Star is already focused on 2019 and eager to face the trials and tribulations laying ahead.

In the following weeks we'll discuss more colorful characters of the workplace and you'll recognize your colleagues among them. We urge you to forward this blog onto them as a fun acknowledgement that without them... the office would just not be the same!

Who is THE STAR in your company?

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