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Character # 3 - "If only it was better"

Welcome to week 3 of the 8 Characters of the workplace.

This intricate character is special in his/her own way as nothing misses his/her trained eye. Every little detail of the work environment will be scrutinized and the data will be stored to reflect upon at a later stage. Like at a busy colleagues’ desk.

The Complainer will start a conversation with a statement, followed by a question, which he/she will probably answer himself/herself. “Howzit going Tony? Have you noticed that the new guy from IT always parks his car too close to the entrance? Somebody should probably tell him not to. You wouldn’t maybe just mention it to him? Actually its better that Carol tells him. Yes. I’ll go ask her now. OK Tony, nice chat, see you later.”

Karl, the Complainer will have lots to say about the upcoming Year End Function. Some of his comments will be constructive and should probably be considered to improve the experience for everyone. Karl is intelligent and he is a great delegator. He plays a vital role in the planning of this annual event.

At the event Karl will leisurely wander about, observing and saving data. When a colleague congratulates him on the great year end function, he will point out all the issues he faced in the planning and execution of this brilliant event. Karl will also corner a few colleagues to complain about the work that still needs to be done after the event is finished and will respectively delegate these responsibilities. Therefor, as the event is coming to an end, everyone will start avoiding Karl for that specific reason.

Share with THE COMPLAINER in you office to let them know you’re on to him/her… but appreciate them anyway! ;0]

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