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Character # 5 - "Yes I can!"

Welcome to week 5 of the 8 Characters of the workplace.

The Yes-man is as loyal as they come. They are always on-time, extremely reliable and always have a resounding “YES” to every task assigned to him/her. Because of his/her intense desire to please the boss, he/she is susceptible to unpredictable behavior. The devout vegetarian will suddenly eat a prego roll because the boss ordered it for him/her.

This colleague will know everything about the Year End Function because the boss will randomly ask questions about the event, who will be attending etc. and he/she will seriously dislike giving a vague answer about anything. Therefore the Yes-man will be your go-to person for any information relating to this much anticipated event.

At said event, he/she will be wearing an outfit suspiciously matching the outfit of her/his boss. But not to such an extend as to be obtrusive, just enough to look good on the group photos. The Yes-man will hover close to the boss during the function just in case there is something he/she could assist with, like fetching a drink, or finding out where the event organizer is. However, as soon as the boss leaves, the Yes-man will turn into a party animal. Surprising everyone with his/her hilarious comments and skilled dance moves!

Can you identify THE YES-MAN in your office?

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