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Character # 6 - "Food is fuel for thought"

Welcome to week 6 of the 8 Characters of the workplace.

Sure, we all eat at our desk from time to time, but what makes the original Desk-eater so special, is the quantity food he/she hides IN the desk and they constantly keep it stocked so they rarely run out of calories.

Constance isn’t prone to small talk. She is focused and driven. It sometimes seem as if she’s operating in another dimension, fueled by snacks, the relentless clicking of the keyboard and oblivious to the colleague who’ve said “hey, Constance” twice now. As soon as she’s snapped out of her trance, she’ll offer to share her jelly babies/chutney Foxi Nax/chocolate covered pretzels or whatever it is she have in her hand at that particular moment.

Of course she’ll be present at the Year End Function. You’ll find her hanging close to the appetizer table and if called away from it, she’ll frequently dart her eyes to said table to make sure she doesn’t miss out on another taste of the mini feta quiche’s. Constance will enjoy the evening as much as the next colleague, but no one will appreciate the food more than she does.

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