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Crucial tips to help you succeed under the MIA Boss

Your boss is constantly missing in action. The MIA boss often works from home, or goes out for meetings, or stays locked in an office. Sure, he is very busy, but nobody knows exactly with what at any given time. He gets stuff done, but his modus operandi stays a secret.

He is professional, courteous, but not overly sociable. The MIA boss, when seen, is always in a hurry. If a staff member is fortunate enough to have a one-on-one conversation with him, he keeps the small talk to a single Q & A and immediately gets to the point. There’s no time to waste, so be prepared, bring a bullet-point list of topics you want to discuss, making notes quickly as you go. If the MIA boss gets fidgety, you’ll take that as your que to finish up. He’ll probably let you know in no uncertain terms that his time is up, he needs to do A, B or C.

Somewhere in all that haste, is a routine. Find out what that pattern is, and use it to your advantage. If you know he’s only at the office for a couple of hours a week, make sure to make an appointment in time, and then, have a plan B ready just in case.

If you are The MIA Boss – You’re probably already thinking “I don’t have time to read this” but we’re glad you’re sticking around! Remember that if you don’t motivate your staff, they will not perform at their best. You have to make time to connect, and for that, you have to be at the office from time to time.

The MIA's Slogan: “Just send me an email, I’ll get back to you”

Characteristics: Highly professional; Works at a fast pace; Polite; Short attention span; Doesn’t get personal too easily.

How to succeed under The MIA Boss: It's important to be self-sufficient if your manager is MIA. This is great for independent workers. Stay motivated and be proactive by asking for feedback in time. Take advantage of when your boss is available to check in, even if it is only to say “hi”.

Socializing with the MIA Boss at the Year End Function: If he does make an appearance, we recommend you lure him with a viable business question towards the Gin bar, as you order a pink gin for yourself and a crystal version for him, you casually sway the conversation towards something you know he’s interested in. Have another gin ready after the first one!

Gin Bar; Fairy lights; Star Gazing Deck; Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa
Gin Bar at the Star Gazing Deck

At Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, we welcome The MIA Boss and we want to celebrate your success with you and your team. We have an amazing Year End Special for 2019 with 3 available options, but we’re open to tailor your function to your specific needs.

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