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Welcome to the first edition of Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa’s BLOG!

It’s exciting times in our neck of the bush.

An introduction to what we do … Each week we will highlight different aspects of our operations. Perspective on why we consider Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa as the jewel in the Schütte crown.

In hospitality it’s not very often one comes across a destination that literally ticks all the boxes! Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa is just that, here’s why…

The Honeymoon suite
True North, Honeymoon suite


  • Recently renovated, the decor is modern, elegant, sophisticated and luxurious.

  • Guests will experience opulent luxury, when they lay their heads down on five-star linen.

Exotic Game experience at Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa
Breathtaking scenery at Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa


• Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa is as unique as it gets when it comes to guest experience

• Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa is so unique that even the animals you will experience are not average.

  • Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of ostriches, very comfortable with their environment and ready to say hello!

  • Roaming our conservation haven sightings will include Roan antelope, Sable, Black Impala, Golden Gnu to name a few! It’s a magnificent sight to see animals like this close up.

Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa food experience
One of Billy McKechnie's signature dishes


  • Who doesn’t love good food? Preparing signature and bespoke dishes has become part of who we are.

  • You will go on food journey that you will not forget, each meal planned, prepared and served with only the freshest ingredients. Tantalising the taste buds with each bite.

  • Our chef is meticulous; he is also well known for his adventurous take on preparing food-art!

Beautiful nature scene on Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa
Sunset to sunrise... ample time for surprises!


• Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

• We aim to do just that for each and every guest that grace our Lodge.

• I could elaborate but what kind of surprise would that be?

Historical experience
Leydsdorp Historical tour


  • “Uniquely exciting” being our go-to phrase and our bench mark against which we measure ourselves!

  • We have joined forces with local businesses.

  • Leydsdorp hotel has recently been revamped too.

  • New life has been breathed into the former mining town abandoned in early 1900 due to half of the population being killed by black water disease or eaten by lions.

  • There is a well-known two-way story of a suspected ghost called Sandy who died of said disease.

  • During the tour Kilima takes guests on, a briefing of the historical significance of this town is given as well as the opportunity to experience Sandy first hand.

Ruins on Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa
Ruins on Kilima Private Game Reserve & Spa


  • Love experiencing the outdoors, feeling the wind in your hair, hearing the birds chatter away?

  • Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa offers guests a bush walk on the reserve to the ruins.

  • These ruins could even be linked to Mapungubwe which are ancient ivory and gold trading routes, legend has it that the Queen of Sheba may even have passed through.

  • This walk is rich in history, interesting and informative.

Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa involved in our Community
Getting to the root of helping the community.


  • In the pipe-line is an exciting community project - Our local town of Gravelotte, the recipient and in conjunction with Operation Hunger

  • An NGO in operation for the last 35 years.

  • Operation Hunger’s focus being on nutrition, development and education.

  • We aim to have our first community feeding garden up and running in the next two months.

  • Our focus being: feeding a community and educating the local people on the importance of growing your own food as well as conservation of our bush and natural resources.

  • In particular educating on the effects of poaching and how to conserve and protect our wildlife for generations to come.

You get to experience every facet of an informative and interesting destination!

A lodge experience that will resonate in your mind for years to come.

An experience that is unique and exhilarating, an experience one needs to have at least once in your life.

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