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Ten Characteristics of a Great Boss

Finally, the ideal boss. The Great Boss is very well balanced and communicates effectively. He wants feedback from all employees and encourages even the introverts to be an active part of the company. He is a great motivator and people willingly follow his decisions because he’s an effortless leader. The Great Boss leads a positive work environment and wants you and your co-workers to succeed.

We can all agree that Google is a forerunner in the development of a happy work environment. They took 10 years to study the habits of effective managers and came up with 10 characteristics. We’ll summarize them here:

1. A good manager is a good coach – they use challenges as teaching moments and share insights at the right time in stead of solving every problem for their team;

2. A good manager empowers their team – they make sure their team have the tools and flexibility to do the best job;

3. A Great Boss creates an inclusive team environment and makes it a priority to build trust;

4. A good manager is productive and results-oriented;

5. A Great Boss is a good communicator, listens (understands) and also share beneficial information;

6. A good manager supports career development and help team members to reach their goals;

7. A Great Boss has a clear vision for the team and makes sure everyone is on board;

8. A good manager is skilled at their work;

9. A good manager collaborates across the whole company;

10. A Great Boss is also a strong decision maker – they take the lead and commit to following through.

If you are The Great Boss – We salute you for being open-minded and courageous. You tick all the boxes and we’re grateful towards you for making the office a better place for everyone!

The Great Boss's Slogan: “Treat everyone like they make a difference, and they will.”

Characteristics: Confident; Skilled; Intelligent; Emotionally intelligent; Speaks with authority; Leads by example; Friendly but professional.

How to succeed under The Great Boss: It's not hard to succeed under a Great Boss. You are blessed if you have one. Ask for their input and take heed of their advice, especially if it is on the negative side. If you want to go a step further, ask him to be your mentor to receive the full benefit of a Great Boss.

Socializing with the Great Boss at the Year End Function: Everyone will want to be around the Great Boss because he’ll be the one with the swag! Wait for your turn and invite him over to the wine tasting section. Asking him to share his thoughts on the vision for 2020 while sipping on a Chardonnay.

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