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The secret to succeeding under the Eccentric Boss

The word “eccentric” originates From Medieval Latineccentricus’, derived from Greekekkentro’s, "out of the center". In other words, out of the ordinary. Think Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and Nicolas Cage. These personalities make interesting and creative managers. Eccentric bosses are over the top. They are very confident and their wardrobe reflect that. These are the people wearing hats and colorful shirts with bow ties.

They have very unique ideas about the workplace and very unique ways of accomplishing goals. This may result in confusion or frustration among employees. On the flip side, eccentric bosses can be the most open to suggestions and innovative ideas. They will often propose a new idea that has everyone asking “but why?” and more often than not, this idea will bloom into something amazing once everyone understands and buys into it. However, when the idea is a failure, that too is OK. The Eccentric boss is fine with you failing, but he can’t stand you not trying!

It's difficult to pinpoint how to succeed under an eccentric boss. Study their habits and determine a strategy specific to your boss. A good overall tip is to read up on new trends in your industry and suggest creative ways to implement this into the business. And don’t just throw the idea into the air like fairy dust, invite your boss and give a short presentation with eye caching images to illustrate your idea.

If you are The Eccentric Boss – Thank you for bringing colorful concepts into the workplace and encouraging new ideas from your staff. We want to remind you to always communicate thoroughly so that everyone is on the same page. It is great to paint the bigger picture, but you’ll have to break it down into smaller pieces and delegate wisely if you want your dreams to soar.

The Eccentric's Slogan: “Fail Fashionably Forward”

Characteristics: Nonconforming; Temperamental; Easily distracted; Outspoken; Idealist; Curious.

How to succeed under The Eccentric Boss: Respect your boss by giving him/her the space they need. Don’t be needy if they are feeling gloomy. Come up with new ideas regularly and present them with style. Even if they aren’t successful, don’t get pessimistic and don’t take it personally. You will be rewarded eventually!

Socializing with the Eccentric Boss at the Year End Function: Thank your boss for being open minded and unconventional by booking him/her for a spa treatment prior to the Year End function. The luxurious pampering will act as a quirkiness-boost to ensure your Year End function is packed with humor and fun.

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